Quick care for summer damage! Why don't you regain your beautiful hair with the Miik recommended treatment 【TOKIO Hyper Inkarami】?

Ikebukuro's "hair and make Miik."

In September, a cool breeze began to blow little by little!
Still, there are many days when the temperature is still high and the sun is strong.

During summer, the amount of ultraviolet rays increases, so it is easy for hair problems to increase ...
Actually, do you know that your hair is also tanned?

The cuticle covering the surface of the hair has no melanin that absorbs UV light unlike the inside,
If you take damage, the luster will be lost or crushed.
It will be difficult if this cuticle is peeled off!
Keratin protein, which accounts for 70% of the inside of the hair, flows out and turns into scary hair.

In the summer, the sea and swimming pools are also popular leisure activities, but if you keep your hair wet, it will be more susceptible to damage,
It also seems to cause redness.

Aftercare for hair is important after UV exposure!
Let's take care of summer damage quickly with Meek ♪

Miku's recommendation is “TOKIO Hyper Inkarami” ☆
In Ikebukuro, it is a special treatment that can only be received at our beauty salon!
It has been popular with salon and home care when the hair quality changes dramatically.

This beauty salon is also certified as a “technical salon” that has acquired knowledge and skills related to TOKIO and IE.
We propose not only treatments but also home care to support the maximum effect.
Please feel free to contact us if you are concerned about hair damage.

A detailed explanation of TOKIO is also available in the blog, so please check it out!

In addition to “TOKIO Hyper Incalami”, reservations such as cuts and colors,
Please make a phone call or make a reservation online.
We look forward to your visit from all the staff.


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hair and make Miik.

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